All your injury / Medical records in one place

Do you feel all your injury records are in different places ? Do you find your medical records missing? Store all your medical and injury records on the 3D body map platfrom

Missing your
injury records ?

Now you have the ability to keep and digital transfer all your medical records in the your hands – accessible anywhere, anytime.

Download BodyMap3D APP

Just one click download and you are ready to keep all your medical records in your hands. It is available both on Google Playstore & Appstore.

Does the following seem familiar to you?

Storing lots of papers of past medical history.

Hours searching for a record needed for reference of past injuries for compensation, insurance claim for recurring injury relation etc.

No Pictures/Scans/X-Rays of the injury as it happen – i.e. losing most accurate data about your injury.

Did you know there is a better option?


What is BodyMap3D ?

BodyMap3D gives every person the ability to instantly record injuries as they occur – when the information is most accurate.

With real-time software, you can access and filter data from any device without worrying about it being inaccurate or old. Get exactly the right data from BodyMap, exactly when you need it on one centralized platform. Real-time medical history search(s) headache free.

A truly powerful way to capture and record injury details including time of incident, assessment, comments from any witness of injury and subsequent treatment and notes. Attach Photo & Video evidence to support your Incident direct from your phone gallery.

How It Works?

Map injuries to the actual body part on the mobile app. You can map injuries on skinned body, muscular view, organ view, skeletal view etc. Both 2D and 3D view are available which will give you a feel of actual human body.

Bodymap also stores all of your content on cloud which automatically syncs records from mobile to web and vice versa. They can be printed or emailed as a PDF. It can also be shared over different social media apps like Whatsapp etc.

Where is BodyMap3D needed?

  1. Individuals, Parents and families who want their individual health/medical history recorded and current. Telling their health story/history in a unique way.
  2. Emergency services reimbursement with an insurance carrier.
  3. Insurers may use it to get a better idea of who they are insuring making a fairer weighting on insurance costs.
  4. Employers may use it to identify health history and ways to better manage their staffs’ health care and work environment. A Healthy Worker is a Happy Worker.
  5. Insurers Claims for pre-existing injuries would be negated with the app if used at initial employment stage.
  6. Sportspeople can record their injuries against whom, what year, the severity of the injury and add details, letters, scans, x-rays, pics, etc. Then share with their family/friends.
  7. Medical Providers will have a better understanding of the medical history and be able to better treat the individual patient with......

Key Benefits/Process Of BodyMap3D

  • Keeping record(s) of all your medical history and different injuries in one place.
  • Point at a body organ or location and record your medical history.
  • Keep the exact medical record for muscular or skeletal view-stiches, broken bones, etc.
  • Save snapshots of the scene and/or sketch details right in the app.
  • Ensures to store all your injury details on cloud and data is not compromised. Annual Subscription available, 30 days Free Trial period.
  • You can access your data from anywhere at anytime.
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Recording Injuries should be painless

  1. Injury reporting just got better

    Streamline your processes and simplify your procedures with BodyMap3D's injuries reporting system. Our software allows you to quickly and securely record any injuries in one easy-to-use system.

  2. Real-time Injury Reporting

    With real-time software, you can access current data from any device without worrying about inaccurate or old data. Get exactly the right data from BodyMap3D, exactly when you need it on one centralised platform. No more hand-written paper records to sift through.

Due Diligence

Mobile App

Completing the app:

The app is broken down into various steps as follows:

  • Download the BodyMap3D FREE App from iTunes or android or direct from the web.
  • Input your details, password, health history and up-load a photo if you like.
  • Input the specific injuries specific to you personally including supporting documents.
  • Save the files and review the 3D images as they rotate to show you the summary and specific injury details as you require.
  • Register on the website www.bodymap3d.com to save your information and subscribe to share the information and input additional more details documents and data.
  • Share information or up-date it annually to ensure it is stored and saved. Cost is $19.99 per year and allows to store all information and share with 2 other members. Additional shares can be purchases in groups from the website as you need.

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