BodyMap gives every person the ability to instantly record injuries as they occur – when the information is most accurate.

With real-time software, you can access and filter data from any device without worrying about it being inaccurate or old. Get exactly the right data from BodyMap, exactly when you need it on one centralized platform. Real-time medical history search(s) headache free.

A truly powerful way to capture and record injury details including time of incident, assessment, comments from any witness of injury and subsequent treatment and notes. Attach Photo & Video evidence to support your Incident direct from your phone gallery.

Initial Idea

On the 17th March 2019 while travelling to a rugby tournament in Bunbury with my youngest daughter Rebecca (8 years old). It was a 2 hour trip early on a Sunday morning so the conversation was flowing between Becks and I at the time.

She started asking what happened on your hand (a scare from 1990) and I proceeded to tell her the story. The discussion quickly progressed to other scars and what else have you hurt eye, knee, fingers etc. At that moment I thought wouldn't it be great to have a map of your injuries, stitches, operations, breaks etc and be able to see where on the body, when, and have records of the injury (pictures, details of the event dates etc) so the same story and events would be recounted and not diluted or exaggerated over the years. That's how BodyMap3D started. We want everyone to know, record and catalogue their health issues and be able to, at whatever stage in life share that information with family, medical professionals, employers, insurers etc.

Why do you need BodyMap3D ?

  • Records all your medical history at one place
  • Point at a body organ and Record your medical history
  • Keep the exact medical record for muscular or skeletal view.
  • Keep records for your family , in your company or for your insurance company
  • Insurance Claims for pre-existing injuries could be recorded with the app if used at initial employment stage or for the assessment of premiums if the app was utilised by insurers?
  • Employers may use it to identify health history and ways to better manage their staffs health care and work environment. A Healthy Worker is a Happy Worker.
  • Insurers may use it to get a better idea of who they are insuring making a fairer weighting on insurance costs.
  • Sportsmen and women can record their injuries and include as much information as they want (against who, what year, severity of injury and add details, letters, scans, x-rays, pics etc) to record them. They can then share with family friends and especially the generations coming who may not know you played professional sports, achieved what you did etc without bragging just share the app and they will know. Or keep it for yourself so you can bring it to a specialist at any stage and ask what do I need to do to manage future pain, effects from these injuries and so on.
  • People generally want to know and relate to their heroes/heroines and how their injury was the same as maybe David Beckham's, Brian O'Driscoll's, Richie McCaw, Tom Brady, Usain Bolt, Amanda Kerr, Ronaldo, McGregor, Djokovic, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods or LeBron.
  • I broke my 2nd Metatarsal in 2012 doing Tough Mother in Perth and immediately its was what David Beckham did in 2002 and Rooney did after in 2006.

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